Which Path to Improved Hearing is Right for You?

Seeking treatment for hearing loss is a life-changing decision, and so is choosing a trusted professional to guide you in your treatment. The options for hearing technology have never been more plentiful and complicated.

Our caring professionals at Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aids are here to guide you through this decision-making process by assessing your specific needs and helping you choose the right option.

Prescription-Fit Hearing Aids

  • Appropriate for: People with all types and severities of hearing loss
  • Approved for people of all ages
  • Must be purchased through a hearing health care professional (audiologist or hearing instrument specialist—dependent on practice)
  • Aid(s) can be custom fit in the ear or behind the ear, in discreet sizes
  • Aid(s) can be powered by replaceable batteries or are rechargeable
  • Requires a comprehensive assessment to accurately diagnose your hearing loss and prescribe appropriate treatment
  • Continued and regular medical management of hearing loss, a customized treatment plan and professional programming to address a patient’s individual needs and an annual health screening, which evaluates for additional illnesses/concerns

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

  • Appropriate for: People with mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Can be purchased directly online or from a retailer without a medical professional’s guidance
  • Device(s) can rest in the ear canal, behind the ear or around the neck
  • Device(s) can be powered by replaceable batteries or are rechargeable
  • No customized adjustment or programming based on your level of hearing loss
  • No long-term plan of care, medical management, clinical support or regular health screenings. One less opportunity to catch any other underlying conditions/concerns

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